flowery wall-hangers

crafting 2

  • metal wall-hangers
  • felt flowers
  • vintage buttons
  • glue gun

A flowery way to hang all my necklaces!


candy-like world

Long-long time ago I found a way to make me feel better on those melancholic days…just closing my eyes and creating scenes, where people move-dance-live wearing my own creations, my dreamed clothes!

but dreaming is not enough…so I’ve started to create:

Candy-like basic picto change the way typical clothes are looking, using my fantasy

to passionately crafting small stuff

to give soul to my clothes having a nostalgic feeling.

but “creating” alone is not enough too…so I thought about blogging with you!

All my senses and my tools (pencil, computer, camera, sewing mashine etc) will I use

to inspire your style and inform you about fashion,

to give you ideas about handcrafting

and show you my sew-creations.

So let us fly together to a candy-like world

by evanzely